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NAMD: The National Alliance of Market Developers
Las Vegas, NV

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino| Info: 908-561-4062 | namdntl.org
April 24 - 27, 2003
20th World Media Conference
"The Mission of the Media and World Peace: Responsibility in a Time of Crisis"
Arlington, Virginia

April 9 - 10, 2003

MOBE: Marketing Opportunities in Business & Entertainment
Miami, FL

Roney Palace Hotel | Info: 773-651-8008 | mobe.com
April 4 - 9, 2003
Coalition of Black Republicans
Installment of National Capital Area National Black Republican Council
Washington, DC
March 13 - 23, 20003
East Carolina Black Chamber of Commerce Dinner
Kinston, North Carolina
March 8, 2003
International Business Exchange Workshop
African-American and Afro-Brazilian Trade Ties
Rio de Janerio, Brazil
February 26, 2003
Multi-Cultural Business Conference
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
February 20 -22, 2003
Washington City Paper
City Leaders
January 25, 2001
Armstrong Williams Show
Renaissance Network
January 21, 2001
World Media Conference
"Media Leadership Into the Millennium"
Tokyo, Japan
January 15 - 18 2001
JET Magazine
"Washington Ticker Tape"
January 5, 2001
Washington City Paper
"Unbending Reed" article
December 14, 2000
Washington Post /Washington Times
American Tower Issue
December 2000



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